Techy Thursday - Secure that box

So There have been a lot of lost flyboxes around the traps this season so far yet it doesnt have to be so. The average fly box can hold over $400 worth of flies, a real kicker if it goes astray.

Heres what you can do...

1: create a ritual of immediatly placing your box back into your pocket once a fly is selected. Make this a habit and problem solved.

However we all get excited when theres a fish in front of us and second to placing our flybox on the ground and forgetting about it, in our haste we forget to zip up our pocket only to lose our box soon after.

2: velcro dots.
Attach one or two velcro dots to your fly box, and the other side to the inside of your vest / pack pocket. Your boxes are now secured for the most part even if you fail to 'zip her up'. Especially handy for smaller 'slip into the shorts / jacket pocket' type containers such as Loons Hot Box.

3: dont put all your eggs....
Simply split your flies across a couple of boxes. If you lose one, bummer but at least you still have enough flies in your second box to keep going.

Bonus tip: simply write your name and number on your flybox in permanent marker. Most of the time, it will be returned.

Bonus Bonus tip: put a large cross, or strips of bright coloured masking tape across the outer of your box. Choose a colour that will stand out easily amongst the grass

You're welcome.