Techy Thursday - Primal Stash

Primal Stash Travel Fly Rod

With modern fly rod technology there is now very little effect on energy transfer or flattening of the blank when bent caused by ferrules and so a high performance, six piece fly rod is now a very fishable, and convenient tool to have.

The Primal Stash is a 9’ 5wt that will fit right in your suitcase, or slide behind the seat of your truck, ready at hand and out of view from your significant other. Strap it to your day pack and it will fit nicely alongside, not towering above ready to catch on electric fences, brush and branches as longer rod tubes do.

Built on an ultralight, helical core ( UHC ) to promote hoop strength and better stabilise the blank when bent ( think more bendy, less breaky ) this is then overlaid with high modulous graphite reinforced with amplified nano resins ( ANR ) which create a very smooth action without dampening down the feel or responsiveness of the blank. Ultra low mass ferrules provide all the strength and stability needed without diminishing the flow of energy through the blank or creating flat spots in the natural curve around the joints.

The medium - fast action of the Stash makes this the perfect NZ dry fly or nymph rod and greater range means it flexes easily when fishing short on smaller waters yet stands its ground when you need to reach that foam line way over yonder.

“You already have enough rods, why do you need another?”.

“Because this one is a six piece”.