Techy Thursday - Mike Kirkpatrick’s Fast 5 on why he loves his Scott G Series

"The G Series 8'8" 5wt has very quickly become my favourite rod for casting and fishing fun. By this, I mean if the conditions allow for the use of a presentation style rod, it's the rod I grab for with both hands. It is simply exquisite to use, as it loads so effortlessly, roll casts like no other rod I have, and makes mending fun.

Sure, I have fast action rods (the Radian springs to mind) that are more suited as all-rounders that can hit the 'back paddock' with ease and handle double tungsten nymph rigs etc. but fishing the G Series with dries and dry droppers makes me want to cast all day.

The G Series 8'8" fast 5...

  • Loads as deep and smooth as any rod I've cast.
  • Can drop a fly with a 'zen-like' delicacy and accuracy.
  • Ensures playing fish is a delight and affords protection to even the lightest of tippet.
  • Can not only drop in 15ft casts with ease but has the legs to get serious distance as well.
  • Makes you realise that the fascination with ultra-fast rods these days is a little miss-placed at times."

Go to your local stockist and try one, as my belief is you'll likely be swooning (try and explain that one to the Mrs!)