Techy Thursday - Lloyd Struthers, Three Things

A man and his best friend, both happy in the Kiwi back country thanks to the unbeatable combination of Simms G3 Guide waders, G3 Guide boots. With top kit, you can happily go all day.

Welcome to another NZ Fly Fishing Team Techy Takeover where this week we have Lloyd Struthers touching on three things comp angling has taught him, and kit he just couldn’t do without.

Now, let's hear from Lloyd:

New techniques and with it, cutting edge equipment

I was fortunate to witness the birth of short lining in this country (thanks to Des Armstrong) and with it came some awesome new gear. Our sport constantly changes as does the advancement in gear, and a big part of the fun is adapting to new learnings.

The variety of fishing required

And learning each discipline to an intuitively high standard. Rivers, lakes, nymphs, streamers and dry fly, drifting in boats, loch style, euro nymphing. Not to mention fishing a wide variety of lines from floaters to sinkers, rods, leader systems and associated gear, each requiring difference skills to proficiently handle. I don’t think we ever get it all mastered.

For me competing, the change to a sport from a recreation

To be successful in planning, setting goals, being prepared / organised, to apply one’s self to the challenge. The challenge is the main attraction, it’s like trying to catch a fly with chop sticks, you will never fully master it, but competency can be developed. Competition fly fishing must be one of the toughest sports around I reckon.

Kit I couldn’t live without

A Simms Solarflex shirt combined with the Waypoints Convertible Vest allows me to fish long hours in total comfort, and with a fully adjustable fitting you don’t even know it’s on.