Techy Thursday - Late Summer Dry Fly

So summer is on its last legs and the fish have seen quite a few flies yet we need to adapt to the seasons. No need to switch to tiny flies just yet, but we have some super nice shit from Kyle coming soon to satisfying your autumn needs real soon.

So, late summer fly tips...

Fish More Subtle

That bulky terrestrial may have slayed them a month or so back but now with low, clear water and warier fish, look to smaller, slimmer, and more realistic patterns.

Fish Longer Leaders

The Airflo 15’ tapered leaders provide the mass and turnover to extend out easily and keep your fly line further back from the fish.

Presentation. Presentation. Presentation

Consider your Fly placement. Splashy touchdowns may have grabbed the right attention a month or so back but now is likely to set alarm bells ringing. Employ reaches, piles and subtle drops to temp these wary late summer fish and pay attention to the currents for a more natural drift.

Mud That Tippet

Loon Snake river mud is an essential for me to dull that shine and get that nylon beneath the film.

Strike Quicker

By now many fish are more finicky and grabby on the take. The moment they realise your fly’s not legit, they will drop it. Manage your slack line and ensure your rod tip, and lime hand are in position for a confident, responsive hook set.