Friday Fly Day - The Late Summer Switch Out

With summer now winding down the fish will still be looking up to a range of terrestrials, but chances are they’ve seen far too many blowfly humpies and classic cicadas. While these are timeless patterns and top producers, fish do get wary of the same old, same old. As the leaders get longer and tippets get finer there is an easier alternative than struggling with 20 + feet of nylon, fish get bored, try something new.

I run a number of fly boxes and rotate them regularly throughout the season to ensure I’m mixing it up and showing fish something new. This time of year I’m still rocking the terrestrials but switch out the usual summer favourites for flies with a difference that may be loaded with rubber legs, flusher floating, smaller, bigger, fatter or slimmer. Mix up the profile and prey image to keep the fish guessing.

So it is timely that Manic should introduce a new range of summer dries in time to restock your box and finish out the summer with something a little different to that you’ve been fishing.

Here are a few new favourites from the 2020 updates to the Manic Fly Collection...

Jakes Blackout Stone Salmonfly

Black Foam Beetle

Hippie Stomper

Later Skater

Neversink Caddis

Waverider Dun