Techy Thursday - Late Season Glare

While the main freshwater season here in the S.I. has ended many of our top backcountry lake tributaries remain open for another month, offering often great opportunities to nab a large, migrating brown or fighting fit rainbow. However with shorter days and a very low sun angle, not to mention the incoming winter weather, glare / poor visibility will most days be an issue.

Here's a fast 5 to help beat that glare:

1/ Fish dry flies you can see. Big & bright, sure, you may put off a couple of fish, but you'll connect with other takes you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

2/ Position yourself to better see the fly, whether that means from below, out from the bank casting back in, casting away from the edge at 45 degrees or side on. You need to know where your fly is.

3/ Have a spotter to watch your fly. Two anglers working as a team is often the best way to fish.

4/ Keep in contact with your fly. You may feel the take if you don’t see it, and a bit of movement on the nymph isn’t always a bad thing.

5/ Keep your line short. You will see your fly much better if it’s close to you, and not 60' + away.