Techy Thursday - Langlands talks Tracker

So by now you’d have heard the hype about the new Superdri Tracker line from Airflo, so we got Martin Langlands from Troutlands Flyfishing to give us his top three talking points for the new, aggressive kid in the Manic stable...

1 - I really like the way it shoots so effortlessly! This enables both lesser and more experienced anglers to get better casts in windy conditions and when blind fishing larger nymphs and indicators on mid-larger water.

2 - The colour is superb, easy for the angler to see yet subtle in the air and on the water. And hey! It matches many Canterbury rivers in colour too, ie. Glacial blue.

3 - It improves confidence in beginner anglers as it is easy to get both straight and longer casts with such little effort. This also gave anglers new to fly casting a better sense of timing so we will be using this line a lot more in the future, not only for nymph fishing but streamer work also. A testimony to its turnover capabilities.