Techy Thursday - Know Your Sock

There's more to footwear than the boots themselves, and more to waders than the tech materials involved. What you wear beneath make a world of difference to their performance, and as you only get one pair of feet, you need to look after them. Here's how...

Simms Liner Sock

Simms Liner sock

Thoughts from Dore: This thin, super wicking and quick drying sock is fantastic beneath your guard socks, inside your rip raps if required, or layered beneath your wading sock for cooler winter conditions and / or longer hikes.

What Simms Say: "Simms’ intuitive Liner Sock works in conjunction with wool layers, driving moisture out for dry, warm feet within. Features include an advanced fabric collaboration of ultraspun polyester, nylon, and spandex stretch, while the ribbed cuff and flat toe seam reduce bulk and bolster comfort."

Simms Wet Wading Sock

Simms Wet Wading sock

Thoughts from Dore: Designed for those days where waders just won't cut it. Grab your zip off pants, bots and pack and hike into the hills. The wet wading socks are also designed to pull back down over your boots for an impromptu gravel guard.

What Simms Say: "There’s a time and a place for waders. But summer on the carp flats of Fort Peck, Montana, ain’t it. Simms’ Wet Wading Sock is a stomp into the soup essential, featuring hydrophobic polypropylene fibers that repel water molecules and a smooth flat-toe seam and arch support for precise fit and enhanced circulation."

Simms Wading Sock

Simms Wading Sock

Thoughts from Dore: Warmth, comfort and cushioning, personally these are my go-to socks for most fishing applications.

What Simms Say: "Yellowstone National Park sees more than 3 million gawking civilians a season. The good news is there’s more than 1,000 miles of untrammeled trail to seek solace. When it’s time push past the concrete, wrap your favorite feet in the full cushioning of this best-in-class Wading Sock. Premium Merino wool retains warmth and wicks moisture with aplomb, while the 11-inch overall leg length—slightly shorter than the ExStream™ Sock—reduces weight and makes for prime packability."

When you're in the water day in / day out, what you wear next to your skin becomes super important. Ditch those cheap rugby socks and treat your feet. Ten years from now, your feet will thank you for it.