Techy Thursday - Kirk Deeter's Scott Centric Review

Scott Centric Review

Red wine and AC/DC is a pretty sweet setting for reviewing a new fly rod and Kirk Deeter of Angling Trade Media certainly knows how to get himself in the moment. This review of the new Scott Centric is one worth checking out...

"When the tube arrived from Scott, I expected it to be something special. So, I wanted the first analysis to more than a cursory shakedown. I headed to the grass field behind my house for some quality one-on-one time, poured myself a small mason jar of red wine, put on some Bose noise-cancelling headphones, strung up the rod, and got ready to “dance.” I put my playlist on shuffle, the first song that came on was AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells.”

There could not have been a more appropriate coincidence. With those first ominous tolls and grinding guitar lead, I started making some short-to-medium casts, and I could feel it—and see the Centric’s character—right away. Fast action, yet razor sharp, crisp like a freshy-printed 100-dollar bill. Silly accurate. I was willing the shots rather than pressing them.

I cued up the entire “Back in Black” album and burned the majority of the next hour casting to driving rhythms, from “Shoot to Thrill” to “Shake a Leg” and “You Shook Me All Night Long.”"