Techy Thursday - Keep your Powder Dry

Today we got very cold and wet... so here it is.

With all this wet weather of late, it’s pretty hard to tie on and treat dries in pouring rain. By the time you attach your dry, it’s far from dry and applying Aquel or similar floatant won’t do much for you.

Tip 1: Loon Hydrostop. Great to pre-treat your dries at home the evening prior. Packaged in a large container, simply drop a handful of flies into Hydrostop and leave for five minutes. Your flies are now permanently treated and will simply float higher, for longer. No more hassles with torrential rain pre-soaking your Adams.

2: Top Ride. This dry fly desiccant is quick and simple to use, and brings waterlogged or fish-slimed flies back to life. Simply drop your dry, or indicator into the bottle on-stream, shake and it emerges dry and coated in a powder floatant.

3: Loon Dust. Finer particles than Top Ride make this powder perfect for smaller, finer flies and even CDC. The built in brush applicator makes it perfect for coating just the wing on damp/dry patterns and the subtle sparkle coat gives unweighted nymphs that wow effect.

4: Throw them a hare and copper... because they’ll probably eat it.