How To Revive Gore Tex Waders & Jackets

It’s that time of the season when your waders and jacket have seen a little use and can probably do with a little love. The funk is growing and your fishing buddies have joked (or not) about letting the dog in the cab and having you ride home on the back of the ute, that’s if they invite you along at all.

Never fear, with a couple of easy steps they can be kicked back to life to continue your season cool and dry.


  1. Close all zips, arm pits, pockets and wrist fasteners
  2. Place in washing machine with some Nikwax Direct Wash In. Using two rinse cycles will ensure your waders / jacket are detergent free
  3. Air dry in a shaded place

Over time, the DWR properties of Gore-Tex can wear down and pores can clog reducing breathability, but with the additional application of Nikwax Direct Spray after cleaning will make your Gore layer feel, and perform, just like new.


Chris Dore is a battle tested fly fishing guide with over 15 years of professional guiding experience, battling the demanding, ever changing conditions that our New Zealand rivers throw at us.

In 2006 Chris became one of the first New Zealanders to successfully pass the internationally recognised Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructors examination and has since taught many thousands of anglers to up their skillset.

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