Techy Thursday - Greasing the Butt of the Leader

Greasing the butt section of your leader and the last few inches of fly line is a simple way to improve your fishing, but one which is often overlooked. ‘Greasing’ is an easy technique accomplished by smearing a thick floatant such as Loon Payette Paste or gel, like Loon Aquel over the last few inches of fly line and running it down the butt section of your leader.

The ‘Greasing’ process is important for several reasons and a simple practice to add to your routine when you fish. Firstly, when lifting a completed cast off the water it stops the end of fly line and butt section of the leader from sinking. With these sections of your cast floating, it is much easier and faster (especially when fishing long casts) to lift line off the water to begin a new cast.

When fishing moving water (particularly fast water) having the end of the fly line and butt of the leader sink can affect your ability to obtain a natural drift, cause drag to impact the on the presentation of the fly and even drag indicators under when fishing nymphs.

Calm conditions out ‘West’ demand quiet lift offs when casting. Greasing leader Butts help.

One feature of my home Tasmania’s Western Lakes fishery is the shallow water polaroiding and sight fishing to tailing trout feeding in water only inches deep. These types of fishing demand stealthy presentations. Anglers fishing to fish feeding in shallow water who do not grease their leader butt sections, often scare fish when attempting a new cast. When the end of the fly line or leader butt section sink, a fish scaring ‘slurping ‘ noise can be created when lifting off the water attempting a new cast.

The whole ‘greasing’ processes only takes seconds but will improve your casting, presentation and hopefully help you to catch more fish.

Applying ‘grease’ is fast and simple.