Techy Thursday - Finding New Water

Don’t play it safe, get out there and be adventurous.

January is a fantastic time of year to fish our streams in Victoria, the fish are usually taking large dry flies off the surface and the weather can be beautiful, what more could a fly fisher want! One issue this time of year can be fishing and people pressure. What could be more devastating than rolling up to your favourite spot on the river and finding four cars and a family splashing around in your favourite pool. So why play it safe this season? Why head back to that same stretch of river you fished last trip? It’s time to bring out the inner explorer in you and find some new water. So how are you going to find this new water? Where do you start? Here are a few pointers on what to look for when searching for new water.

We have a great options when it comes to maps, no doubt google maps is a great option, using satellite mode on your google maps you are able to look at better looking sections of a stream. Look for rivers that have good pools and riparian vegetation. My favourite is still an old school paper map, there is nothing like planning your trip a few days before at your kitchen table while sipping a coffee. Having a good clear plan before you leave will have you spending less time searching for water when you should be fishing.

Using a guide book can be a great way to point you in the right direction if you’re not sure which river to select. Phillip Weigall’s ‘Fly Fishing North East Victoria’ is an excellent book and used in conjunction with your maps are a perfect start when selecting new water.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people who fish the area, a fly shop is a perfect place to start, a good fly shop will point you in the right direction and give you some knowledge of access and which areas fish best. Searching through old magazines that have articles about certain areas or rivers can be gold. I would recommend FlyStream and FlyLife magazines as a start.

Ok so now it’s time to not play it safe! Get out there and explore some new water, who knows you might just find your own little gem loaded with fish.