Techy Thursday - Dore's 2019 Simms Summer Favourites

Simms clothing review

It’s been a scorcher of a week or three here in the South with temps regularly in the high 20’s. Add in the wind factor and your favourite old cotton T just won’t cut it for all day comfort. I look for three functions in my summertime clothing choices, comfort, high sun protection, and it must keep me cool and dry. While our Simms range features a variety of layering and sportswear options, here are a few of my personal go-to’s that keep me going all day long.

Simms Bugstopper Hoody

Simms Bugstopper Hoody

My everyday go to. As at home on the river as it is at the beach, the quick dry technology, UPF 50 protection and built in Insectshield properties make it my favourite lightweight top over either a merino T, or Solarflex shirt. The Bugstopper technology won’t prevent you from getting bitten but you’ll notice drastically fewer insects landing on your clothing and the less that are on you, the less you get bitten right? The hood also offers additional sun protection and keeps the hat in place on windier days without being too warm.

Simms Solarflex Longsleeve Sunshirt

Simms Solarflex Suntop River Camo

An all-time favourite, this lightweight, long sleeve shirt can be worn as part of your layering system, or as a standalone summertime garment. 100% polyester the Solarflex offers high sun protection and Cor3 quick dry technology to make for an everyday on river companion. Check out the River Camo and Hex Camo Loden patterns also for a handy summertime hunting shirt.

Simms Waderwick Core Bottoms

Simms Waderwick Core Bottom

Your waders are only as good as what you’re wearing beneath so for me, the comfort, and wicking properties of the Waderwick Core Bottoms move moisture straight to the Gore-Tex allowing my waders to keep me dry. An essential also when wet wading for additional sun protection and scratch protection under your trousers or shorts.

Simms Intruder Bicomp Shirt

For those who prefer more of a collared shirt design it’s hard to go past the Intruder Bicomp LS Shirt. 100% polyester construction with knit sides and arm panels, the Intruder offers a full range of movement in comfort, Cor3 quick dry tech and UPF 30 protection. Two fly box sized front pockets and a built-in sunglass chamois make this a functional fishing shirt with style.

Simms Sungloves, Sun Gaitor and cap protection from a Single Haul cap

These are simple, common sense everyday additions to my kit, protecting at risk areas of skin from both UV, and sand-fly bastards. As much as I like my Trout Trucker cap designs as casual wear, the mesh back can leave your head exposed, and so for on river experiences, I opt for the full UV protection of the Single Haul cap.

And lastly, don’t forget your sun forget your sunscreen and lip protection. Remember to reapply every few hours and keep it in a cool place in your pack.

There’s still a whole lotta’ summer to go so get out there, dress smart and play hard!