Techy Thursday - Beat The Lock Down Boredom

With the whole country in lockdown you finally have the time to do all those chores around the house you promised to do once you found the time. Don’t do it. We have some more important chores for you to attend to...

Sort your fly boxes: Remove rusty or damaged hooks, and flies that have seen better days. Clip and knots and nylon from the eyes. Steam your crushed dry flies over a kettle in a colander to pop the hackles and bring them back to life. Sharpen and dull hooks with your Loon Hook Hone. Finally, place them back in an organised fashion so they are easily located and accessed the moment that fish shows his snout.

Loon Hook Hone

Organise your tippet: How many times have you had a fish in front of you and A: gone to lengthen your leader but found there’s only six inches of 5x remaining on your spool and B: realise that your spare tippet is back in the car? Check the level of each spool and have a full, spare spool of each of the most commonly used diameters somewhere within quick, and easy reach. While you’re at it, how sharp are your nippers?

Loon Nippers

Check that backing knot: And retie it, chances are it hasn’t been touched since you spooled that line last year.

Clean that flyline: in warm soapy water before running it through a clean cloth and some Airflo Whizz Lube or Loon Line Speed. A clean line will make all the difference.

Airflo Whizz Lube - Fly line lubrication airflo ridge lines. distance casting improved mending new zealand trout guides river access

Airflo Whizz Lube

Remove the funk: At the very least, turn your waders and Gore-Tex jacket inside out and give them a freshen up with Loon’s sanitizing and deodorising, Fresh Pants. Now is a good time also to look for those pinhole leaks, or maybe give them a deep clean. Here’s how.

Loon Fresh Pants

Sort those pics: And finally, this is the perfect time to organise those many thousands of photos you have on your camera, phone, computer that you never really got around to organising. Tidy, edit, and delete all those random shots that never quite worked out, yet still clog up your icloud.

Stay safe out there people and check back in regularly for more things YOU can do to keep the boredom at bay.