Techy Thursday - Autumn Recap, Tips from the Archives

Here at Manic we don’t reinvent the circle, we look at making it more dynamic. And likewise if it’s been said well before, then simply share the love, and here it is.

Autumn is a time of change where flies, waters and approach must change too in order to convert the win.

So here is an awesome foursome from Dore on Autumn Tactics making your late season better since 2017. Say that ten times fast...

Autumn tip #1. A medley of tips from someone who spends more days on the water than you’ve had hot meals.

Autumn tip #2. Understanding a very important food source not only in autumn, but anytime the rivers play rough.

Autumn tip #3. Why throwing streamers is super productive and oh so fun. You should do it more. Much, much more. Meat, it's what's for dinner

Autumn tip #4. Finally, lighter is often better in the shallows as things cool down.

So reminisce, get out there and nail your late season action. Tomorrow we have a couple of flies that will turn your spool around!