Team Tuesdays - Summer searching on the TT

Summer usually means back country fishing for most, myself included but this weekend my buddy Tim and I decided to keep it casual and go for a walk up our favourite Taupo trib, the Tauranga Taupo, in search of a few resident fish that may or may not be eating off the top.

Not ones to shy away from a bit of a walk to get away from the hammered water we didn't really start fishing until we got to the Cliff Pool where we were greeted by a lot of good fish lazing around not too concerned by our presence, which pretty much summed up the day. Low, warm water and lethargic fish was the order of the day...not quite the dry fly bonanza we were expecting.

Still we got into a few fish each on the Radian 4wt and 5wts with a really nice brown of about 4.5lbs moving a loooooong way to take a Manic True Cicada fly without hestiation. In fact we saw a few good browns which is tending to become more and more common on this river, but in classic Taupo trib fashion they're very hard to get enthused during the day.

We ventured a couple of k's above the Rangers Pool just for a bit of a look but eventually pulled the pin ready for the long walk back with a few stashed river beers along the way to help take the edge off. A bit of rain should see the cicadas really come on so once the happens I'd be back down there in a flash, those fish have to eat properly some time soon!