Team Tuesday with Jack McKenzie

Jack McKenzie gives us his independent thoughts on the new Scott Radian (we may not have mentioned it enough yet?). He's one of the knowledgeable team at Hunting & Fishing Manawatu and we're happy to hear that he's backing the Radian so much.

"Every once and a while, a new product comes along that deserves attention. That has just happened.
Scott Rods have been synonymous with quality for a long time. Scott seems to approach the market with rods having a more traditional feel. Historically Scott Rods have been 'slower' than Sage, more like the feel of glass or bamboo, but having the strength of modern materials. Sage Rods, on the other hand, have the reputation of being the 'thunder sticks' capable of great distance casting and authority in windy conditions.
Those of us who have become accustomed to Sage action find the slower casting stroke needed to make traditional Scott Rods do their work difficult to achieve. I have to admit though, that when you get it 'right' traditional Scott rods accelerate a flyline with remarkable ease. Just don't try to push it too much. Admittedly, I struggle with that.
Sage Rods on the other hand want some loading. They seem to work best when you work them hard. But, this comes at the expense of short distance comfort. With models like the SP+, the TCX and the One, which are true distance 'machines', there is little feel to them with a short line. They are also more demanding on technique. Casters need to precisely capture the weight of the airborne flyline against the rod, resulting on high demand on correct timing and loop control. As a result, many of the fastest action flyrods wind up gathering dust in a closet.
Enter the Scott Radian. This is the first Scott Rod that can be pushed hard without sacrificing the loop. To my hand, this translates to distance. After 35 years of fast action flyrods, the old dog finds it difficult to learn a new trick. But guess what, now I don't have to.
Impressively, the Radian retains the short distance feel that Scott is known for, and answers to the forceful fast action rod techniques for distance.
If you're in the market for a high end flyrod, I strongly recommend you try one of these before you decide on anything."