Team Tuesday - When Length Matters

Our good mate Craig Rist has been at it again. He snuck out to the Western Lakes over the weekend with his new Airflo Blade 1006/4. Seems like that extra foot can really make a difference out there in Tasmania.

Had a day out west on Saturday testing out the 1006 Blade, does the job very well. Found a few fish on the prow, hunting frogs and the native Galaxia. Managed to tempt a few on a small size 10 woolly bugger fished inert. Move it and they were gone.

It was cloudy with periods of rain and sun and the wind was howling, but that's a good thing early on, the big fish come out in these conditions. The rod handled the wind really well. Unfortunately I broke off a couple of big fish during the day.

Using this length of rod makes me want to try a Scott Radian 1006 out west, That would be a really sweet stick.

I'm defiantly sold on a long rod back there. Higher back casts and longer bow and arrow casts are the go.