Team Tuesday - What's My Rig? Craig Rist bonus edition!

Craig Rist loves the challenge that's fly fishing brings to fishing, in both fresh and salt water. In his home State of Tasmania the Trout of the wild Western Lakes district offer many challenges and with it a great sense of achievement. For this reason he has spent countless days exploring these Lakes to experience some of the best sight fishing for trout that Tasmania has to offer. Beyond trout and the many other freshwater species in Australia, Craig is just as passionate about salt water fly fishing throughout Australia and abroad. Tasmania has plenty of salt water fly fishing on offer, from large Black Bream all the way up to Tuna and Mako Sharks, each with there own individual challenges to overcome.

Tasmania, trout and Black Bream

Rod: Scott 9'0" 6wt Radian
Reel: Lamson Speedster Black
Line: Airflo Ridge Stealth 6wt

The Lowdown: The 6wt Radian is fast, smooth and forgiving, perfect for delivering larger foam flies and a delicate touch down of a mayfly spinner. When you just have to get the job done, the smooth casting action from this rod really assists controlling a tight loop into the wind. The light weight Lamson Speedster has a smooth drag that protects light leaders well and a large arbor that is a big help when a fish decides to make a run back at you. The floating clear tip on the Ridge Stealth automatically adds some length to the leader without sacrificing the ability to turn over heavy flies for both trout and Black Bream on our Southern flats and estuaries.

Craig Rist