Team Tuesday - Tim Angeli Media

If you look up the word "overachiever" in the dictionary there will be a photo of a bright red beard, attached to that beard is Tim Angeli or should we say Doctor Tim Angeli. Outside of catching massive fish in NZ and abroad and doing general doctory stuff (biomechanical engineering I think?) he's also very handy with a camera and a pen, and hence Angeli Media is born. Here's the blurb on the man attached to the beard:

"Tim Angeli is an experienced freelance journalist specializing in fly fishing photography and writing. Tim was raised in Michigan, where he developed a piscatorial addiction that took him all over the United States and has since taken him around the world, including to New Zealand, where he currently resides. Although he still occasionally struggles with the choice between picking up his flyrod or camera when confronted with a large, voraciously-feeding trout, he has grown to love photography and writing as much as fly fishing itself. Tim loves capturing the moments shared between angler and quarry, whether it be on a back-country trout stream in New Zealand, or a massive sand flat in the South Pacific. Tim works closely with Fish&Game New Zealand magazine, Flyfishers Inc., and Manic Tackle Project. His work has also appeared in publication or advisement for Fly Life magazine (Australia) and the New Zealand Fish and Game Council, among others."

And this is the part where you click here and go and check out his work...