Team Tuesday - The AFO Experience

Recently I’ve come to realise the importance of impulse decisions. Sometimes saying yes before you even think about it can produce some of the best experiences. That being said, if you get a call from Dave Bradley, the man behind Australian Flyfishing Outfitters, inviting you up for a four-day fishing trip, the word yes should be the first thing that pops out of your mouth.

Quick as a flash, I was on the phone to Andrew Fuller from The Flyfisher in Melbourne.

“We going fishing?”


Next thing you know, flights are booked to Townsville and Hinchinbrook was no longer a fleeting idea, but finally a reality.

What followed was an incredible four days of amazing fishing, even better company and exposure to the immense wealth of knowledge these guys have collected over a lifetime of fly fishing.

Amos Mapleston, Al Simson (Kettafly) and Ian Kucurs rounded out the team at AFO and their dynamic approach to guiding is refreshing and incredibly enjoyable. All of these guys have extensive experience fly fishing not only in Australia but also around the world. Every question you have, will be answered so be prepared to take a notepad and pen.

The AFO lads have astonishing respect for the fishery at Hinchinbrook Island and have dedicated much of their time conducting research and studies of the area to not only maximise fishing potential, but to ensure the resource remains sustainable.

If you’re looking for an amazing saltwater fly fishing experience, pretty much on your door step, give Dave a call. You won’t be disappointed!

Weapons of choice

Andrew taking the drone for a pre flats test flight


Sighted and extracted from the mangroves

Al with a nice little GT

How's the serenity?

The only way to get around the flats

The Golden Trevally were in abundance

No excuses

When you have a boat this sweet, taking care of it is half the fun

Debrief back at the ranch

Strip, strip...


More Goldies

Treat yo' self