Team Tuesday - The 2019 World Fly Fishing Champs In Tasmania

It’s finally here. Beginning this Saturday 30th November 23 team from around the globe will battle it out for the 2019 FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships in Tasmania. All teams have arrived in beautiful Tasmania, picked up their last gear prep from The essential Flyfisher and now have their heads down as Saturday looms ever so fast.

Team New Zealand - check out the team profiles HERE

A huge amount of preparation goes into each World Champs so we would like to thank all involved in coordinating the event. What makes this even more exciting is the diversity and unique fishery in Tasmania. All teams, including Australia and NZ have their work cut out for them. We would like to wish them all the very best for the upcoming week.

Get familiar with the ANZAC's that will be representing us downunder folk even though they'll be doing their best to beat each other, in true trans tasman fashion!


Christopher Bassano - Straight From The Pros Tips

Craig Carey - Straight From The Pros Tips

David Hemphill - Straight From The Pros Tips

Jonothan Stagg - Straight From The Pros Tips

Josh Flowers - Straight From The Pros Tips

Mark Bulley - Straight From The Pros Tips

Tom Jarman - Straight From The Pros Tips


Cory Scott - Cory's Techy Thursday

Johnny Bell - Johnny's Techy Thursday

Johnny Gummer - Johnny's Techy Thursday

Lloyd Struthers - Lloyd's Techy Thursday

Paul Gummer

Sam Bourne - Sam's Techy Thursday

Tim Anderson - Tim's Techy Thursday

Seriously, if we were you we'd be hitting all of those links as there are years and years of extremely high level fishing experience tucked away in there.