Team Tuesday - Ronan's Fly Fishing Missions

Ronan Creane of Ronan's Fly Fishing Missions is a bit of a fly fishing cult character around the Central Otago region. Originally transplanted from Ireland, he quickly become enamoured with the fly fishing lifestyle in New Zealand and like most people who come here on multiple fly fishing trips, he eventually ended up figuring out a way to stay here and become one of New Zealand's most well respected guides. If you're down those ways this summer then definitely look him up, we guarantee it'll be a fun day on the water and you'll learn heaps, what more could you ask for?

Here's three interesting things worth knowing about Ronan:

1_ Ronan was vlogging before vlogging was a thing

2_ Ronan was one of New Zealand first fly fishing TV stars

3_ Ronan has been enjoying fishing the Primal Raw 9ft #7 recently