Team Tuesday - North East Victoria with Wilderness Fly Fishing

Scott Xanthoulakis of Wilderness Fly Fishing looks to be giving his Scott G Series 844/4 a good flogging over in Victoria.

"The past six week in Victoria have been dry and windy with fires raging through the south-west of the state, leaving a trail of destruction. Luckily, the north-east has been left untouched by these fires and has allowed us to continue fishing for trout in our favourite streams. The dry conditions have led to low river levels and spooky fish. I just love these condition as you have to bring your A game to the river. Fine tippet and long leaders are the go this time of year.

The weekend just past I had a booking with regular client Peter and his sons in law, Nathan and Peter M. Nathan and Peter M are newbies to the sport so we worked on the basics before hitting the water. The weather forecast for the weekend was for 30mm of rain on the Saturday and 10mm on the Sunday. With a weather forecast like that in Victoria it usually means a total of 5mm for the whole weekend. The prediction was right for once! 40mm on the Saturday and 20mm on the Sunday.

We started the Saturday off on the Delatite River which was low and gin clear. Fish were taking size 16 mayfly emergers and 16 bead head hares ear nymphs. The heavens opened up in the afternoon with lightning and a heap of rain. The fishing went crazy as the river rose, most fish taking the nymph.

The following day we headed deep into the mountains to fish some small tributaries. It rained once again in the morning but the fishing was on fire with lots of small feisty fish taking a size 14 parachute adams in the rain.

Overall this rain has freshened up the rivers in the north east region. We should see some fantastic fishing in the upcoming weeks as the fish look to put on some condition before the cooler weather arrives."

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