Team Tuesday - Nick Reygaert

Manic Tackle Project (that's us) is very proud to have Mr Gin Clear himself, Nick Reygaert, as one of our mates. So much so that we've sponsored pretty much everything he is doing for the next two years just so Rene can get invited on a few junkets and leave the rest of us here running things. The upcoming title "Backcountry - North" has plenty of names you'll recognise from Team Tuesdays and throws down the gaunlet to the South Island crew to come up with something even better.


Nick Reygaert is a passionate film maker and angler who has gained recognition around the world for his fly fishing feature films. He is also the man behind the annual RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival which is now in its ninth year and set to kick off in Australia this September.

Recently, Nick Reygaert took time out from his busy filming and festival planning schedule to chat with Fishing World about film making, fishing and great fishing destinations. Check out the interview here.