Team Tuesday - Mr Manawatu Hits The South

Recently Manawatu Hunting & Fishing’s, Simon O’connor and good buddy Alberto Ramirez hit the deep south with myself for a bit of a look around chasing some late season trout. We put on delightful weather with a week of solid rain, strong winds and high, coloured water, but you know, #forgettheforecast right?

Day one saw us spotting into dirty water which is always a chore, but one of the few limited choices we had was dropping and heavily weighted ‘come eat me’ nymphs saw several nice hook-ups before relocating to a gorgeous spring creek to round out the day. Because there’s only so much heavy metal you can throw in a day right?

Day two saw a bit of a hike into the high country and while again the fishing was slow, the water was clear and the boys made it happen with a couple of corkers to the McLean’s net.

It helps to have a good crew, decent banter and a ‘hell no we aren’t staying at home’ attitude in such conditions and this made it all come together. You can’t pick the weather but you sure can deal with it.