Team Tuesday - Manic Staffers Long Weekend #3

Labour weekend usually means two things for me, trying to secure some venison for the summer BBQ season and getting into a few silly early season trout. Luckily for me my fiancée likes the sound of that plan too so it wasn't a hard sell once I'd floated the idea of a back country fly in trip with my good mate Tim.

Unfortunately the weather did its typical spring thing and gave us some unexpected rain and strong southerlies so the hunting wasn't much chop and the call to leave the waders at home wasn't the best one made, meaning the fishing was done in small fits and starts.

This was the first time we had fished this river and it lived up to its reputation with gin clear water, big and deeeeeep pools and clever fish but we struck it lucky managed to bank a few in between refusals and spooks. Tim had a nice fish take the Para Improved Humpy in the slowest most torturous fashion I've ever seen and it was great to have the first eat off the top for the season in the bag.

We'll definitely be back into this area to chase fish in the future, leaving the rifles behind will make it a much easier proposition to concentrate on the great fishing to be had.