Team Tuesday - Manic Staffers Long Weekend #1

Manic Monday

With a weather window opening up for the long weekend, Manic Mate Josh Gibson, Manic frother Gus Lapin and myself loaded up the packs and headed into the backcountry. What we found were hungry fish, clear waters and good times with even better company.

Part of the charm of fly fishing is that it means different things to different people. While I enjoy all types of fly fishing be it winter runs, lake edge stalking and small lowland stream action, nothing quite compares to hiking into the middle of nowhere in search of a bit of serenity. Putting in the yards and getting onto fish that don’t see a whole lot of fishing pressure is fun - but sitting around a campfire with a frosty malted beverage, listening to the gentle rumble of the river and spinning some yarns with mates – that for me captures the essence of why I fly fish.

When all that matters is the fish in front of you, the next pool and your buddies calling in your casts from the banks, the sense of freedom from everything else life has waiting for you when get back is a soul enriching experience beyond measure.

Now back at the office with sore feet and shoulders from pack hiking, there is a real sense of satisfaction over what was achieved over the weekend. However as any fisherman knows, just like that ‘next pool syndrome’ when walking up a river or the thought of that fish you need to get revenge on next time, we are now eagerly anticipating our next trip into our stunning backcountry.