Team Tuesday - Lucas O'Sullivan

If you follow fly fishing on social media then it’s likely you have seen Lucas kicking around on Facebook and Instagram holding onto to some impressive fly caught trout. Lucas has achieved so much with his fishing at such a young age I’m sure there are more than a few envious seasoned anglers. This guy is impressive!

Well, life has got even better for Lucas after landing a full-time job with Hunting & Fishing Dunedin. Lucas is a true southern man growing up in Dunedin and living the dream and fishing at every chance he could. This has resulted in a great knowledge base and understanding of how to fish the local waterways in and around Dunedin. When the opportunity arises, Lucas enjoys fly fishing the backcountry and he also makes regular trips to the canals where he is very successful catching some monster trout. Instore you will find Lucas hanging out in the fishing department where he is surrounded by all latest and greatest fishing gear, sounds like a good job to me.

One thing I can’t confirm about Lucas is whether he role his R’s however what I can confirm is he knows how to roll his eggs! He puts this technique to good use on the Tekapo canals with great success. Lucas tells me he has a trip planned this month and is eager to try out some new flies from the Manic Fly Collection that are instore right now. So why don’t you make a trip down to Dunedin Hunting & Fishing and have a chat to Lucas, he will more than be happy to answer your questions whether it’s about the local fishing or just advice on what colour egg to use for the canals right. Warning…his enthusiasm and passion for fishing may rub off on you!