Louie MacAndrew and the Airflo Brookie

Paul MacAndrew of Aspiring Fly Fishing has his hands full at the moment with a new house build, guiding kicking off and general family life. Great to see he can still get out with his son, Louie, and have some fun with the Airflo Brookie set and converting another lifer to the world of fly fishing. (he never stood a chance)

"My 8 year old son has just been bitten by the fly fishing bug! I brought him an Airflo Brookie set recently and have been waiting for the chance to get him out for a go, but between guiding commitments and waiting for a window of good weather it just hadn't happened thus far. Today we decided to just pack up some lunch and head out regardless of what the weather was doing to a small local stream just outside of Wanaka that usually holds a few good Rainbows and Browns up till until Xmas time."

"Despite some recent rain and a little snow which had fallen recently the river was in pretty good shape, high but clear. Some usually deep holes that held fish were filled in so we had to walk a little until we found some fish. We eventually came to a deep pool that held a good fish and with a little help from Dad, Louie managed to cast his fly well up ahead of a nice Rainbow Trout that was swinging in the current which didn't hesitate to lift slightly and eat his nymph."

"Louie with a fat wee early season Rainbow Trout that ate his fly first cast, after several shrieks of excitement from the both of us Louie had the fish under control and was playing it like a pro! Dad (who didn't have his Simms waders on) jumped into the stream and herded the trout towards the bank and slipped the net under it quickly. A very excited wee boy then came down to help remove the nymph that was embedded in the fish's jaw, get a quick grip and grin and gently return it to the stream. A really special afternoon for father and son and one I will treasure for ever!"