Team Tuesday - Kelly Galloup Talks Airflo

Kelly's unique (and productive) method of targeting aggressive, carnivorous trout changed the way many of us fish for these bronze monsters. Over the course of his career Kelly has modified/refined tactics and gear to improve his chances of bringing these burly toads to hand. One thing's for sure: nothing beats experience. To be successful, you've got to have the right gear. Whelp, you're in luck...

Coming January 2015: The Kelly Galloup Tactical Series.

"The decision for me to move to Airflo was a simple one.  My fishing is not casual, it is an intense hunt for the biggest bad ass predator that swims and I want the very best product and technology in everything I use. Simply put that is what Airflo delivers.  The performance and durability I get is unmatched by any other line.  I demand that in the products I fish, and more importantly on the products I put my name on. When you use one of these lines you will know it will perform the way I want it to and it has been tested by a people who fish, not by a guy in a lab coat."

Kelly Galloup talks AirflofromRajeff SportsonVimeo.