Team Tuesday - Kaikoura Salmon Enhancement Society

The Kaikoura Salmon Enhancement Society Inc is an non-profit organization. Formed in 2013, its current aim is to release salmon into Lyell Creek. We released 10,000 young salmon (smolt) into Lyell Creek in July 2014 and are aiming to release 10,000 into Lyell Creek and 5,000 into the Clarence River in July 2015. We focus on fund raising, with membership fees, grants and support from around the district. Any support is greatly appreciated. Our mission is to enhance Salmon populations around the Kaikoura pennisula for many years to come. In so doing, we will provide the local community and visitors with a greater chance of catching this highly popular game fish. We encourage/offer to the young people of Kaikoura a great activity and possible a life-long passion and appreciation for the great outdoors and respect for salmon habitat.

To attract those many salmon fishers in New Zealand to the Kaikoura region. In so doing, enhance Kaikoura's reputation as a salmon fishery and a destination offering many other amenities. Ultimately its for the younger generation as fish populations have declined over the years. It is only fair that we look to look after our local waters to sustain a unique fishery for the next generation to enjoy. As we progress, we will network with and work with other organizations promoting salmon enhancement. Dunedin Harbour has set a great example of what is possible:


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