Team Tuesday - Josh Power of Fisho's Tackle World Hervey Bay

I’m not sure if I’ve met someone as thorough and diligent in their efforts toward learning how to fly fish. Josh Power has taken the meaning of accelerated learning to a whole new level.

Now the fly guru out of Fisho’s Tackle World Hervey Bay, Josh dedicates his work and spare time to learning all things fly fishing. Whether it be new technology in rods and reels, playing with fly line tapers till the cows come home, or concocting some magical fly that's aesthetically pleasing and damn fishy, his brain is like the ultimate fly fishing sponge.

Josh was born in Hervey Bay and has lived there for most of his life, growing up on a Redclaw Crayfish farm. He’s been working in the fishing tackle industry for over 15 years and started working at Fisho’s Tackle World Hervey Bay (previously Fishermans Corner) in 2004.

He has always been fishing obsessed but only started fly fishing 12 months ago after one of his best mates handed him an 8wt combo and he attended a fly casting clinic that was organised through the shop.

On his days off you’ll often find him out on the flats or up the river with a fly rod in hand and he’ll generally be behind the vise most nights learning new fly patterns.

Josh has enjoyed growing the fly section in store and getting new people into the sport. They are forever adding to the fly range and have some great things planned for the future of the shop.

Some of my favourite trips so far have been sight casting wild Saratoga up north with CQ guide John Haenke and landing my first Black Marlin on fly with good mate Gavin Davis. It’s pretty cool when you’re chasing billfish in relatively shallow water with Fraser Island in the background.

If you’re in the area, drop in and say G’day to Josh and the boys down at Fisho’s Tackle World Hervey Bay. They’re always down for a chat about anything fly fishing related and can help put you onto some good fish and great gear.