Team Tuesday - Josh Gibson on the Airflo Vibe Switch combo

Josh Gibson is a solid Manic Mate and has just given up his job at Fish City in Hamilton to pursue life as a plumber.

"By now you would have heard about Manic Tackle Project and Airflo's newest baby in the Switch family, the Airflo Vibe Switch. This rod is the next generation of its predecessor, the Airflo Switch. It has spades of power to be able to throw big flies with heavy sinking tips. Just as it should. Partner it with an Airflo Skagit Switch head (I prefer 450 grain) and an Airflo Flo Tip to suit the situation and you have a fantastic combo. It really is an excellent way to get into the switch fishing scene! Pop in to your local store and pick their brains and if you haven't already, get yourself one and give this switch fishing thing a crack!" - Josh Gibson