Team Tuesday - John Gummer

Growing up In Palmy has given me the great opportunity to fish many types of water since I was a little fella. Regular trips to the river with Dad carrying me in the backpack have now turned into a full time obsession twelve years on.

In summer time, I run home from the bus stop and eat on the way down to the river on my bike, fishing as far into the evening rise as possible before Mum gets too worried about me!

Lately, I have caught backcountry fever! So, some good mates and I headed for the hills and times like these are nothing short of priceless.

I don’t know of many people that would thrash gear as hard as me and the local hills are just about the perfect place to test it. If it holds up on that rough terrain, it will go to the moon and back so, on that note, I’d better get to the tying vice and you’d better get out on the river while the cicadas are still chirping!