Team Tuesday - Jakub Kanok / Gone West

My name is Jakub Kanok born in Ostrava, Czech Republic. As a kid I spent most of my time at our cottage with my grandparents, wandering through the forests mushroom picking and fishing the river there and that is where my passion for fly fishing started.

I started fly fishing as a little kid at our local river Moravka in Czech republic and deeply fell in love. Have been traveling all around the world since 2007 and there is still no place which I could call home. Trying to fly fish as much as I can and also combine it with my other passion for photography and videography. I have never attended any competition and will never do. I fly fish because of its beauty. It makes me feel totally free and connected with nature. It`s probably going to sound cliche but fly fishing really is a lifestyle. I love every aspect of it! I could fly fish for hours, days, weeks but never get over it. Even if I don`t succeed with catching fish I enjoy just being out there!

The best thing about fly fishing is that there is always something new to learn. No matter what .. even if you are master of it you can still go out there and find new experiences and build up your knowledge.

I work as a freelance photographer/videographer for GONE WEST and came with an idea of filming Catch and release fly fishing episodes from every country or state where I travel.

But in general:

“Our mission is to create a collective geographical guide to the planet”

Creating a collective log of how the planet has changed throughout our time. Both in terms of human and physical geography. We hope in the future people may look through GW as a source of credible, first hand information allowing review of the impact of the changes to any important aspect of the worlds ecosystems.