Team Tuesday - Jack Gauld

I'm a country kid brought up on a small farm in Nelson, my grandad is responsible for my passion for the outdoors, fly fishing and hunting in particular. Ever since I could remember he and I went off on little missions, but he never taught me how to fly fish or let me pull the trigger on an animal until he thought I was ready! When I was ten I remember asking him can you please teach me how to fly fish? He ask me one question in response, why do you want to learn? I said because I want to have fun trying to fool fish with feathers and fluff with you.

So he gave me an old split cane rod and a copy of the English dictionary and said, you move the rod back and forth letting the line straighten between casts, while holding the book under your arm, it will take a while to get it right so go practise! So here I am 11 years later catching the odd trout and still doing a heap of practising!

A year and a bit ago my girlfriend said you should make an Instagram account people would love to see your photos, my response was I hate Instagram and know one wants to see my photos! So with out me knowing she made an account and started posting a few of my photos, within a month I/she had 1000 followers it was crazy! Ever since then I've talked to a hugh mixture of people, some clowns who have tried to get me trespassed by telling me to fish on private land... and some wicked people who have invited me to the other side of world just because I shared my knowledge of new Zealand's epic fishery! Safe to say I don't hate Instagram anymore!

I'm currently a Uni student doing a bachelor of science in freshwater ecology and I'm also looking at my options to start guiding, so I can do what love for a job by simply sharing my knowledge and helping people from all over the world tick fly fishing in New Zealand off their bucket list.

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