Team Tuesday - Feedback is always appreciated

This Team Tuesday is about you guys, the end users of the Manic Tackle products. While we can assume that everything is honky dory out there in consumer-land it's always reassuring to get feedback from the team members on the ground that are buying and using the stuff.

Here's a recent email that turned up in our inbox that will help us keep on doing what we love to do so much:

"Good afternoon,

I thought I would give you guys some product feedback I started fly fishing just over a year ago and after some research purchased the #6 Airflo Tactical package based on specifications and price as a starting point. This combo served me well through the spring and summer and I was able to catch a number of fish with this gear without any failures. By the end of the summer I had upgraded the reel to a Lamson Konic with Super Dri line.

After the good experience I had with the Tactical I decided to get another Airflo rod in #8 for winter fishing the Tongariro. This time I went for the Bandit combo. I was very impressed by the Bandit, it is a fast rod and I really like casting it. I also wanted to have a go at wet lining as an alternative to casting the heavy bombs so I got a spool with Streamer Max line on it.

The Bandit rod and Streamer Max line enabled me to cover a lot of water without the worry of being smacked in the head by a heavy nymph making fishing really enjoyable particularly when I was able to find quiet , unoccupied areas on the river. I managed to land my first two Tongariro trout on this set up from deep holes below the main bridge.

Undoubtedly I will go on to purchase more expensive equipment however these mid-price combos have been a great way to get into fly fishing at a much lower cost than buying the individual items while still getting quality, well designed products.


Michael Mcdonnell"