Team Tuesday - Derek Grzelewski

There's a good chance you've already heard of Derek Grzelewski through his various exploits in writing about fly fishing, guiding and generally being the go-to guy for the New Zealand media to talk to when it comes to fly fishing in New Zealand.

His books, The Trout Diaries and The Trout Bohemia have both been extremely popular reads that resonate well with the average kiwi fisho, which is great going for this Polish transplant as there can often be a lot lost in translation...thankfully the language of fly fishing is a universal one.

If you haven't read the books or seen his work (which is unlikely) then well, here's a great read for you to get into and get familiar with the man you'll be hearing more from in the future.

Check out his article from the March issue of North & South, a comprehensive read on the history of fly fishing in New Zealand and the current issues that face our sport.

We'll have more later in the week on Techy Thursdays so watch this space....