Team Tuesday - Cate Lee

Waikato farm chick, keen hunter, angler, and lover of great riverside food Cate Lee moved south, loved the pull of the area and fell into the H&F Queenstown whanau. As a result of hanging out with Phil, Dylan, Santillan and the crew Cate, understandably, became hooked on the fly fishing buzz. Cate has more than nailed the fundamentals of fly fishing can proudly call herself a fly fisher chick.

Biggest helpful tip from a beginner, to a beginner?

Would be to choose your fishing companions wisely. Haha no, definitely learning that crisp casting motion to get the distance and accuracy in your casts. It’s very frustrating not being able to reach fish you can see right in front of you.

Favourite Manic Kit?

The Primal Raw 5wt rod has been an awesome piece of kit to learn and progress with for sure!

What’s your most frustrating moment as a fly fisher?

Numerous frustrating moments! Probably the worst was when we could see that massive shape in the water but not being able to get a cast away because of the head winds

What’s your biggest win as a fly fisher?

Biggest win was hooking into that big, backcountry brown and watching him take off downstream! It wouldn’t be fun if it was too easy

Who’s your pick for the 2020 All Blacks Captaincy?

Can’t go past Beauden Barrett surely?

What’s one cool Cate thing we don’t know?

Crap that’s the hardest question! I can’t remember what I used to do outside of fishing, haha! Maybe that I grew up in a wee log cabin beside the Waihou river? Great times!