Team Tuesday - Andrew Harding is back!

It's been a while between drinks / videos from Andrew Harding but he's back with what is likely to be one of the last "winter" films we're going to see this year. This is his version of "striking practice" for the upcoming season. Hopefully you also got to see Andrew and mate, Matt Hince, on the launch episode of Pure Fly TV last night. If you missed it you can still catch it on demand at Sky TV.

"Dan and I shoot up to Turangi, in the centre of New Zealand's North Island, for a quick, impromptu weekender after many weeks of not having a fly rod in hand. Arguably the best time of the year to fish the Tongariro River is late September through to December, and she didn't disappoint... battling the sun, wind, rain and snow we had a ball... not large fish, but the smiles say it all. The Tongariro River has a charm all of it's own, it's unique by New Zealand fly fishing standards, from the gear and rigs used, to the casting, which is difficult, the deep swift current necessitating long leaders, large air-resistant indicators and heavy flies. But the method is a lot of fun and very social. The bonus is the river is located amidst majestic, high-altitude scenery, not too dissimilar to Canada."