Team Tuesday - Aaron Middleton of Hunting & Fishing Wairarapa

Manic Mate, Aaron Middleton, is the owner of the Wairarapa Hunting & Fishing store. Aaron is a keen fly fisher but also likes long walks on the beach, geeking out on fly fishing gear and sitting in his Lazy Boy, listening to his favourite record with the cat in his lap. Aaron has fished all over the country on his travels and certainly knows what to do when it comes to fly fishing.

There is plenty of good fishing close to Masterton with the stunning back country fishing very accessible. Aaron is a busy man running the store but still manages to find the time to fish the waters nearby. He’s passionate about fly fishing in the backcountry and loves nothing more than exploring this on a blue bird day.

So if you are in the area do check out Wairarapa Hunting and Fishing. There is plenty of great products instore. Aaron and the team are a great bunch off peeps who are more than happy to give advice and help with your needs. You never know, you may walk out with a new fishing spot!