Team Tuesday - A Spontaneous NZ Trip

Flights were cheap so I booked them. I’m finding it increasingly more important to treat myself to little trips across the Tasman. Not just for fishing, but to maintain contact with close friends, colleagues and to reset myself every 5 months or so. Every time I have a spontaneous trip, be it to New Zealand, interstate here in Australia or to the local Dan Murphys, I find that I am far more productive in my work and my overall well-being improves out of sight. So go on, book that trip when flights are cheap, when morale is low or when you just have to blow off some steam. After all, you gotta look after number one.

Anticipation spurs creativity

Trout respond to good music

Cam using both hands

Coral was the colour of the weekend

Augustus Gloop meets his downfall by drinking out of the chocolate river

River coffee is essential

Another silver bullet

Warm and dry

Don Cherry