Straight from the Pros - Josh Flowers Three Hot Tips

Josh began fly fishing at the age of 14, this stemmed from his father who passed his fly fishing passion onto him. He completed his first competition at the age of 16. He was the youngest Australian champion at the age of 18, and continues to hold this title. He has represented Australia on numerous occasions such as Oceania, Commonwealth and World competitions. During which he has travelled to Canada, Italy, New Zealand and Bosnia representing what Australian Fly Fishing has to offer. Over the past 10 years he has accumulated a gold medal as part of the Australian winning team at the Oceania’s, and a bronze medal winning team at the Commonwealth's.

Josh’s hot tips on becoming a better fly angler are;

1. Presentation. The presentation of a fly or nymph is a significant aspect on capturing a winning fish. This significance is prevalent in the first cast as it is the most valuable to the attraction of the fish, which can increase the opportunity to catch such fish. Sustaining sufficient control of a nymph varies between single nymph which allows you to sustain your nymph in the correct drift without the pull of the dropper nymph dragging the flies through various currents compared to the double nymph.

2. The Benefits of a Net re-tractor. The net re-tractor begins with the belief in a fly fishers tools, the net re-tractor allows you to play the fish with the unexpected or accidental disposal of the net with a positive recovery and knowledge that the net will return to its original position.

3. Contact. The contact between a fly fisher and their flies is a valuable characteristic of fishing wet flies on a lake. When you begin to cast with multiple flies occasionally they don't tend to land straight. To achieve quality contact when fishing wet flies it is important to immediately retrieve the line at least twice with long strips when the flies first hit the water. This will ultimately accomplish valuable positive contact for the complete retrieve and improve your feel of the fish.