Southland Fish Raging

Sometimes you need to simply let loose and "fish rage". In other words take some time out to just eat, sleep and fish without any other distractions in place. For me there is no where better to do it than South Otago.

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The weapons of choice for a back country exploit, Scott S4s NZ Special 9' #6, Scott S4 9' #5 and #6

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When your planning a big fishing trip, it helps to hit the right rivers. It's even more important to bring along the right crew. This time I was joined by leading NZ guide Chris Dore (right with the smile) and Dunedin's Simon Chu (left with fish).

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I missed my first few opportunities (out of touch!!) but once I finally hooked into one of the big spooky browns in shallow water the hard work was quickly put into perspective.

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I wanted to prove a point here, this fish was taken in gale force winds on a Scott S4 #5 (with a #5 Ridge tactical) and was landed in under a minute....thanks also to Chris Dore for the skilled work with the net. You don't need stiff rods to deal with wind, you need a rod that is easy to load, and when it comes to landing these fish, simply learn to bend the rod.

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Simon Chu shows us how it's done by putting a deep working curve in the S4 9' #5. Notice the rod is being bent smoothly from the butt and not just through the tip (which could cause a break).

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Taking fish like this out of clear water is the perfect reward of good preperation. Make sure your carrying a good fly selection covering every possibility you may come accross and that you've taken the time to hone your skills so you can make every chance count. (Simon Chu Photo)

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If chasing Southland's back country trophies isn't enough to keep you going then try the countless number of lowland streams for stunning browns. Perfect water for the Scott G2 8'8 #5 and tidy cdc patterns.

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Mike Davis's Back Country Stonefly pattern is a reliable fish catcher on any river......who said South Island browns don't like rubber legs and flash-backs?

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If you're like me and fishing time is precious then make sure you invest in getting the right help, a guide like Chris Dore has the ability to set you up with mind blowing opportunities on days that you may struggle to even see fish. And once your trip is long gone Chris will have left you with enough tips and idea's to keep you going until your next day on the water. Here Chris helps Simon Chu to land a chunky Southland rainbow.