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Over the last 30 years I have had the chance to cast a considerable number of different fly rods. It was precisely 1989 when I was fortunate enough to put my hands on my very own first fly rod, one of my grandfather's two-piece Shakespeare's. Since then, I have travelled to many different countries, fly fished various waters, and while doing so gained a lot of knowledge and built confidence when it comes to casting. I am an advocate of saying that you can catch fish with a broomstick if you sort of know what you are doing... but why work harder if you don’t have to?

Scott Fly Rods

Rods in the higher price bracket are not for everyone, but they are exceedingly special. These rods are carefully hand-crafted and built out of the highest quality, most durable materials, are incredibly lightweight, and are designed with the latest technology. They take well abuse and if you look after them, these rods will be in service to you for many years to come.

Jakub Kanuk Fly Fishing

When the Scott Radian was introduced in 2013, I was straight blown away. It quickly became my freshwater fly rod number one and I very rarely reached for another option. There simply was no reason and I did not even think it would be possible to improve on Radian. All that, until the year of 2023 when in mid-season I laid my hands on the Centric 905-4. I quickly understood what all the fuss was about and why the last time when fishing with Andrew Harding I felt like being in the presence of a wizard. (He is a super extraordinary caster though!)

I've always liked Scott rod tubes, well made, solid but lightweight, not overdesigned but sharp looking. Now in black.... sexy!  Smell that cork!

Scott Fly Rod Tube

The Centric in a five weight is a lightweight, extremely responsive all-around fly rod and will execute any type of casting. The Centric delivers the best line control and produces the flattest loops of any fly rod I`ve ever casted while putting out minimal effort. Its ability to handle long leaders is beyond impressive.

Scott Fly Fishing Rod 

The most significant thing I've noticed is the minimal effort I now need to make to deliver my flies over any distance to the correct spot. I am talking about big fluffy terrestrials, dry-dropper rigs, delicate small size dries and also the big meaty streamers. The rod has plenty of power for all scenarios, its ability to manipulate line in currents is another key factor. Forget the unnecessary false casting and just send out that perfect loop!


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