Fly Fishing For Mullet

Jed Radaly is pretty new to this fly fishing game but last weekend he popped out looking for a couple of flounder with his Airflo Trucast 8wt set. Read more below but, spoiler alert, he catches not one, but four of NZ's hardest to fool saltwater species...I don't think he quite realises what he's gone and done on his first trip out. Good work that man!

First mullet! Yeah boy! Well worth the hours of bordom as these little buggers fight like champs. Flounder was the bucket list species but after three hours of walking trying to spot fish I was over it. Kicking sticks on the way back to the car I managed to catch a paddle crab, "wicked".

As I sat in the car thinking it was the end of my fly fishing career I noticed a mullet jump near the mangroves. That was it, I was stalking mullet for another hour and I even managed to throw a cast. Missed by miles and spooked the fish, "start again". End result was hiding in the mangroves, spotting mullet under plankton lines, flicking a fly in their direction and then boom. A bloody mullet!

They fight mean, like NZ mini tarpon with big jumps and head shakes. I caught four by the end of the session on the same fly, no flounder but definitely worth a crack, once in a lifetime stuff!