Salty Saturday - The cursed wind

King Tide Salt Fly wind

So the Manic crew hit me up for a topic in this weeks Salty Saturday. It seems only fitting we talk about the wind, since it reared its ugly head again this afternoon.

Firstly, don't sit at home and whinge, no one likes a cry baby.

Take your heavier set ups out, they'll help beat the gusts.

Pay attention to your loops, keep em tight.

Wait for the gusts to stop before casting.

Have the wind at your back.

Use the face of waves to sight into, standing waves from tide vs. wind can make for good spotting at times.

Keep the sun at your back or overhead.

If it keeps disappearing behind cloud cover use the light wisely and map out your area while you can.

Use a backdrop to act as a glare breaker, this can also help with shelter from the wind.

Fish blind, likely fish holding structure and habitat being good choices.

Having your boat and/or gear ready to go when the small gap in the weather arrives saves a lot of time.

Don't beat yourself up over it, there's a lot of summer to come...

Sometimes it's adding up a lot of little factors that can turn a tough day into a deal breaker. One last warning however. If in doubt don't go out. Your safety comes first, there's always another day.

Lucas Allen is the man behind Tauranga's King Tide Salt Fly guiding operation. If you want in on some sight fished NZ flats kingfish then he is your man...